48V DC of 20A

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Production introduction

PV controller is used for solar power system , and control multi-solar cells to charge battery bank . It can supply power for pasturing area without electricity or less electricity , border posts , coastal islands etc , meanwhile , can be used as DC power for mobile communication base station . Since it is one of the most important part of the whole off-grid solar power system , its performance will effect the lifespan and running stability o the whole system ,especially the useful life of batteries .

Application fields

♦ PV power station

♦ Household PV power system

♦ Costal islands , remote mountainous area , border post etc areas power supply

♦ Government demonstration project , landscape lighting project and advertising light box etc

♦ Field unattended monitoring equipment of mobile communication base station , highway etc

Performance characteristic

♦ Multi-solar cells array input control , convenience and flexibility

♦ Single chip microcomputer intelligent control , charge and discharge parameter points can be set to adapt to the needs of different occasions .

♦ With the ‘return difference ‘ control function of each stripe charging voltage detection , can prevent switch into the state of oscillation

♦ Control circuit and main circuit isolated completely , with the high  anti-interference ability

♦ Adopting LCD display screen , display and set system running parameters

♦ Complete protection function, with multiple protection and alarm function

♦ Communication terminal : RS-232/485,Supporting MODBUS protocol

♦ With the function of clock display and temperature compensation

♦ Easy to query the history record

Model explanation :


SYD48 20

Rated voltageVDC


Rated currentA


Max PV array power KWp


Controlling points of PV array input


Max current of each PV array(A)


No-load currentmA


Battery over-charge voltage (VDC)


Battery over-discharge voltage(VDC)


Display mode


Display content

Battery voltage , PV voltage , PV current , PV power etc .

Working temperature and humidity

-20~+50℃/35~85%RHno condensing)

Temperature compensation(choosable)


Communication modechoosable

RS232RS485 etc

Protection type

Preventing the reverse charge of solar cells , Preventing the reverse connection of solar cells , Battery over-charge , Preventing the reverse connection of battery , lightning protection etc .

Mechanical size mm