Sine Wave Inverter

Off-grid photovoltaic power generation system is a kind of system that solar modules charge battery bank via control equipment and then supply AC and DC power for loads regularly .  It includes two types of power generating system, namely power station and household power system . And is composed of solar panel modules , controller , inverter , inverter control integration power , battery bank etc .

Solar controller adjusts and controls the generated power ,On the one hand, the controller transmits the adjusted power to DC load or AC load , on the other hand , it sends the excess power to battery bank to store . The controller will send the power from batteries to loads when the generated power can not satisfy the loads’ requests . After batteries fully charged , and the batteries will be protected by controller not be over-charged  , as well , it will also be protected not be over-discharged by controller when the stored power discharging completely . The controller’s performance has a great influence on the service life of batteries , and ultimately effect the stability of the whole system .  

The function of the battery bank is storing power , and so as to guarantee the power supply for loads at night or rainy day

Inverter plays a role of inverting DC to AC power for AC loads usage , Inverter is the core component of the PV power system ,  Due to relatively out-dated , remote areas  and it is very difficult for maintenance . And In order to improve the overall performance of solar power system and ensure the longly stable running of power station , so the inverter is requested of high stability . Additionally , and the high-efficiency running of inverter is very important since the high cost of new energy power generation .